Photo by Tommy O (Los Angeles, CA)

Makeup by Panela Vain (Los Angeles, CA)




A Few Online Articles Featuring Vena:

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A Few Videos That Vena Appears In:

Designers, Boutiques and Manufacturers Vena has recently worked with:

Azrael's Accomplice Designs (Houston, TX)

Deja Vu Love Boutique (City of Industry, CA)

Dykes In The City (Chicago, IL)

Exquisite Restraint Corsets (Los Angeles, CA)

Femskin (Ocala, FL)

Frenchy LaRue Latex Couture (Los Angeles, CA)

Gidget Gein Artwear (Los Angeles, CA)

Glamour Boutique LA (Los Angeles, CA)

Hilarys Vanity (Los Angeles, CA)

Icon Clothing (Los Angeles, CA)

Lust Latex Designs (San Francisco, CA)

Noo Moon Tribe (New Orleans, LA)

Pretty Pervy Latex (London, UK)

Pink Label Corsets (Manistee, MI)

PunkMail USAA (Los Angeles, CA)

Versatile Fashions (Anaheim, CA)

Venus Prototype (Los Angeles, CA)

Vinyl Dolls (Los Angeles, CA)


Photographers who have recently lensed Vena:

Alex Gibson Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Angel Morales Photo (Washington D.C.)

Big Lew Photography (Detroit, MI)

Blakula Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Brian Thompson Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Damian Kaner Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Darkman (Los Angeles, CA)

DVS (Detroit, MI)

Edwin Gomes (Los Angeles, CA)

Fuzzytek Photography (Detroit, MI)

Gerry Koehler (Los Angeles, CA)

James Groves (Los Angeles, CA)

Jody Cortes (Los Angeles, CA)

John Westernoff Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Larry Bradby Photography (Washington DC)

Lithium Picnic (Houston, TX)

Michael Helms Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Minky Blink Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Packman & Gaston (Los Angeles, CA)

Perry Gallagher Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Randy Fielden Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Rick Garcia (Los Angeles, CA)

Robert Nelson Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Saynt Mykl Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Sean Spivey (Los Angeles, CA)

Shutterbun (Los Angeles, CA)

Syrus Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Tim Woodward (London, UK)

Time Fragment Photograhy (Detroit, MI)

Tommy O (Los Angeles, CA)

Tony Mitchell Photography (London, UK)



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Photo by Big Lew (Detroit, MI)



HILARY'S VANITY debut fashion show (Pontiac, MI)

Models: Vena & Emily Marilyn Photo by: (UK)



FRENCHY LARUE Latex Couture debut fashion show (Pontiac, MI)

Models: Vena & Noir Halo Photo by: (UK)



SEXOPOLIS (Hollywood, CA)

Photo by Tommy O (Los Angeles, CA)



VENA'S EVIL DOLLS SHOW at Halloween BONDAGE BALL 2007 (Hollywood, CA)

Performers shown: Vena & Rachel Ravage

Photo by: Sean Spivey (Los Angeles, CA)



PINK LABEL CORSETS Fashion show at EXOTICA Detroit 2

Models: Vena & Angela Ryan

Photo by: Lewis Dennison (Detroit, MI)

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